Oct 01

Hurricane Joaquin: Where Could It Go and the Major Flood Threat It Brings

Hurricane Joaquin is stationed near the Bahamas as a major hurricane with 130 mph winds. It should begin its northern ascent by tomorrow. Not a good situation for the folks in the Bahamas as Joaquin continues to batter the islands with hurricane force winds and major flooding.   Latest satellite view of Joaquin… notice the …

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Sep 30

Hurricane Joaquin: A Threat to the US East Coast

We are in the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane season, and without further adieu, we have Hurricane Joaquin in the western Atlantic. Currently moving teetering north of the Bahamas with 80 mph winds, Joaquin should begin a northward track by Friday. Here is the latest NHC update as of 11am EDT…   A look at …

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Sep 07

Some Thoughts On The Winter Ahead

One thing you will not find in this article is any reference to the Farmers’ Almanac, folk stories or step-by-step instructions on how to properly execute an ancient snow dance. These are just general thoughts, from the research and data interpretation I’ve done, on how the upcoming winter may shape up. MODEL DATA — A …

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Aug 27

Tropical Storm Erika – Tougher Days Ahead, Still Could Strengthen

Tropical Storm Erika continues to hang on for life as it moves through the Caribbean Islands. Many times in its tropical storm life, it has shown signs that it was essentially on life support, while other times, it has shown signed of convective resurgence. Definitely not an easy forecast… The latest NHC forecast has a …

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Aug 26

Tropical Storm Erika Likely To Become Hurricane; Impacts to Florida, Uncertainty Remains Beyond Florida Impacts

We are now in the peak months of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, and activity in the Atlantic has in fact picked up in recent weeks. Danny was a Category 3 storm at its peak with 115 mph, but quickly fizzled out to an open wave yesterday. Now our attention turns to Tropical Storm Erika. Currently …

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Aug 12

The Perseid Meteor Shower – The Best of the Year

Over the next few days, it’s time to bring out the astronomer in each one of us. Every year, there are two spectacular meteor showers that put on an incredible celestial show, the Perseids in August and the Geminids in December. The amazing part about these meteor showers is that, contrary to other meteor showers …

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Aug 06

Typhoon Soudelor Headed For Taiwan, Strengthening Before Landfall

Over the next 48 hours, Taiwan will be up against another powerful storm system as Typhoon Soudelor bears down on Taiwan. Over the last few years, Taiwan has experienced what seems like a conveyor belt of typhoons, many of which have been immensely powerful. The latest satellite imagery illustrates the incredible size and nature of …

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Aug 05

Typhoon Soudelor Could Re-intensify Prior To Landfall Over Taiwan

All eyes remain locked on Typhoon Soudelor in the far western Pacific. Over the last 24 hours, Soudelor has weakened from a Super Typhoon (150 mph winds) to a still-powerful Category 2 storm with 110 mph winds. Current satellite view of Soudelor… RE-STRENGTHENING IN THE FUTURE: A look at the latest forecast track shows Soudelor …

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Aug 03

Super Typhoon Soudelor Sets Aim on Taiwan, Okinawa, East China Coast By Late Week/Weekend

The equatorial Pacific waters continue to fuel plenty of tropical activity, Super Typhoon Soudelor, is the latest powerful tropical system. Here is a look at the latest enhanced IR satellite capture of Soudelor, and at first glance, we note incredible, symmetrical structure of the eye of the storm. This indicated how powerful of a storm …

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Jul 31

Incredible… Heat Index For Iranian City Over 160°F

The “dog days” of Summer are upon us and in full throttle. Most of the nation’s midsection combating with heat indices at or above 100°F. Bad, right? Well. let’s think relatively here for a minute. A scorching Summer day in the states can range anywhere from 90° to 100°+F. For others in the world, this …

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Jul 09

Powerful Typhoon Chan-hom Aiming For East China, Neighboring Island Nations

All continues to be calm and quiet across the Atlantic Basin, but the story has quite a different theme across the Pacific as warm waters continue to fuel an active tropical season across the Pacific. We continue to monitor 3 active storms across the western Pacific, one which has made landfall already, Tropical Storm Linfa… …

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Jul 03

Fourth of July Weekend Forecast: Storms Possible Friday, Mostly Clearing Out For Saturday

We have made it to the holiday weekend, and the weather, for the most part doesn’t look all that bad, particularly tomorrow for 4th of July outdoor festivities. Tomorrow will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, outdoor/cookout holidays and the ideal forecast has not a drop of rain and clear blue skies. …

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Jun 07

2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is upon us for 2015, as it began on the first day of meteorological Summer – June 1st and comes to an end on November 30th. Although hurricanes can happen at any time of the year, the June 1st through November 30th window is noted as the peak stretch for when …

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Apr 23

Severe Weather Threat This Weekend From the Central/Southern Plains To The Southeast

As we head into the weekend, the threat for severe weather will, again, evolve from the central and southern Plains and in through parts of the Southeast US. This time of the year is a prime window for episodes of severe weather and as I mentioned a while back, the slow, gradual start was to …

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Apr 18

Severe Weather Threat Today, Tomorrow Across Parts Of The Plains and Southeast

As we head through the day today, the potential exists for widely scattered storms to develop from the central Plains into Texas. While the primary threats with today’s developing storms across the region will be mainly strong winds gusts and hail, an isolated tornado or two cannot be discounted, particularly along the Kansas/Nebraska border, where the …

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Apr 05

Multi-Day, Potentially Significant Severe Weather Threat Likely In The Week Ahead

We leave the extremes of one season behind only to nose-dive directly into the extremes of another season. That will be the case as we head through the course of the week ahead. Confidence continues to increase in a multi-day and potentially significant severe weather threat particularly through the heart of the week. Each day next …

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Mar 15

Winter Weather Likely To Return Over The Second Half Of March

The milder air has been very welcomed where it has made its presence, however, the warming trend that has been the talk of weather for the last week or so will be abbreviated by a likely return of much colder air and perhaps one last threat for winter weather. We are in the midst of …

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Feb 21

Weekend Winter Storm To Impact Parts Of The Eastern US, Active Winter Weather Pattern To Continue

We are in the middle of an active winter weather pattern, particularly across the central and eastern US. We’ve battled a number of brutally cold air masses over the last several weeks, and recently have seen record-setting cold. These Arctic surges are paving the way for what has been and likely will continue to be …

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Feb 15

Update: Winter Storm Threat For The South and Southeast Early Next Week

Well, we already know what this article is going to be about, so no sense in easing my way into this… Let’s get right to it. The winter storm threat continues for the south and southeast US early next week. It will be an incredibly dynamic winter storm and as I mentioned in my last …

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Feb 13

Winter Storm Threat For The South and Southeast Early Next Week

This winter has indeed been a frustrating one to say the least, both on the forecasting end and the receiving end. As I’ve mentioned in my forecast updates on Facebook and to several folks that have asked, before this winter exits, the South and Southeast US will get in on some winter weather. We are …

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Jan 25

Crippling, Potentially Historic Winter Storm Set To Hit New England

As we move through the day today, a clipper system is currently sweeping through lower Great Lakes and into parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, generally laying down a 1-4″  of snow in most spots, with as much as 5-6″ in some spots. As I discussed for several weeks now, a major pattern change would likely …

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Jan 25

Major Winter Storm Potential Early Next Week Across New England

As we head through the remainder of the weekend, a clipper system will sweep down through lower Great Lakes and into parts of the Northeast, generally laying down up to 6″ of snow in some spots, though most will see 1-4″. As I discussed for weeks, as we head through last several days in January …

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Jan 22

Weekend Winter Storm Set To Impact Parts Of The Eastern US

In last night’s article, I talked about the potential for a winter storm to develop as we move into the weekend. Currently, the system that will deliver winter weather across parts of the eastern US this weekend is producing heavy rainfall across the South. This will all change over the next few days as cold …

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Jan 21

Winter Storm Threats, Peak Of Arctic Cold And Winter Weather Still Ahead

The frustrations are mounting. Where’s the cold and snow? Well, the cold has been there much of January as large parts of the country have seen below average temperatures through most of the month. Believe it or not, that constitutes Winter. Tensions rise though, when this cold is not accompanied by snow. After all, what …

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Dec 21

Christmas Eve – Christmas Day Storm System May Bring White Christmas Chances And Travel Disruptions

For several weeks now, I’ve been mentioning the chances for a storm system around the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day time frames. Lo and behold, the time has come where this storm system has gone from speculation to an increase in likelihood. There are two confident levels present with this storm system, the higher confidence …

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Dec 17

Communicating Weather Information In A Post-Facebook Era

Facebook is a powerful tool for communicating information, especially critical weather information. While Facebook has dramatically slashed their organic outreach, Facebook continues to be the “go-to” platform for information because of the masses of people who use Facebook on a daily basis. Millions continue to use Facebook as their social media site of choice and …

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Dec 14

Two Storm Systems On The Horizon, One Could Produce A White Christmas For Many

As we move closer to the halfway point of December and beyond, as I’ve mentioned on several occasions, a pattern change is on the horizon as we head into the final weeks of December. Unfortunately, these milder temperatures we’ve become accustomed to will not last much longer as a return to a much colder and …

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Dec 07

Winter Storm On The Table Across The Northeast Tuesday-Wednesday; Colder, Snowier End To December?

As we continue through the first half of December, temperatures have generally fluctuated between average and above average for this time of the year which have led to this brief spell of milder temperatures. Now, at the first sight of these warmer temperatures, so many are quick to jump the gun in saying that winter …

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Nov 23

Potential East Coast Storm System Could Impact Holiday Travel Around Thanksgiving

Let me start off with the lyrics to a song… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Well, it is that time of the year where an increase in travel becomes the norm over the next month or so, and what a way to kick-start this holiday season than the potential for a storm …

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Nov 16

Storm System To Bring Snow, Rain and Severe Weather Across Central & Eastern US Today and Tomorrow

As I’ve mentioned since the beginning of the week, the potential was there for several cards to line up that could produce a storm system that would impact parts of the central and eastern US today and tomorrow. The cards are now on the table and are expected to interact with and feed off of each …

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Nov 13

Winter Weather Potential Across Parts of the Eastern US Late This Weekend, Early Next Week

We’re only heading into the middle of November, but we’re already talking winter weather potential. From cold, Arctic air we’re beginning to encounter to the chances for preseason winter weather across parts of the country, it seems as though winter has arrived early. Next week has the potential to be no different. I’m continuing to …

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Nov 12

The Polar Vortex – What The Media Fails To Tell You

Last winter marked a historic footprint across much of the US. From prolonged episodes of cold, Arctic air to snow and ice storms across the southeast, last year’s winter marked a page in weather history. These types of winters is what the national media eagerly anticipates, using inaccurate information to sway the public into a …

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Nov 11

Arctic Air Arrives, How Long Will It Last?

Without a doubt, the cold, Arctic air has arrived. Across the upper Plains, upper Midwest and northern Great Lakes, heavy snows were the story today as many areas throughout these regions saw a mid-winter type snow event. Behind this snowmaker, cold, Arctic air has already begun its southward plunge into across the northern Plains and upper …

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Nov 10

First Shot Of Snow For Many, Arctic Air On The Way

By now, you are well aware of the intrusion of cold, Arctic air that will impact the US beginning this week. This shot of cold that would resemble mid-winter type temperatures is a result of a displacement in the jet stream that was caused by the Bering Sea storm – former Super Typhoon Nuri – …

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Nov 09

ECHO Storm Team: Winter 2014-15 Final Forecast

To be able to project events in the future, we have to study the past. As entirely cliché as this sounds, the past gives us a solid understanding of what we need to look out for as we head into the future. The exact same methodology is used when producing a winter forecast. As we look …

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Nov 07

Major Storm System In Bering Sea To Impact Alaska This Weekend, Bring Arctic Air to the US Next Week.

By now, you’ve heard of the major storm system developing in the north Pacific from the remnants of once Super Typhoon Nuri. You may have heard the term “Bering bomb” from Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. Let me explain briefly explain this… Bering Bomb, although, thought to be catchy, simply means the low …

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Nov 05

Arctic Air On The Way Next Week

As we head into next week and beyond, much of the central and eastern US will likely experience the coldest air of the season so far. The driving force behind this potentially powerful wave of cold air will be the recurve of Typhoon Nuri in the western Pacific. Current Satellite view of Typhoon Nuri… You’re …

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Nov 02

The Weather Week Ahead – 11/3 to 11/9/2014

As we wrap up our first snow maker of the season across parts of the eastern US, things appear to calm down a bit, at least for the immediate future as we head into next week. Here is a look at the current warnings/watches/advisories map of the US as of shortly after noon… Freeze Warnings …

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